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Hypnotherapist, Personal Development Coach, NLP, EFT, Emotion Code Practitioner,
Transformational Strategist
Ruth Guedes
Serving Woodbury and Seymour Connecticut





Ruth's Mission Statement

"I know from personal experience how life changing and powerful this work is. My passion lies in helping you be your best self and live your best life and give you the right tools for positive change and personal growth. My mission is to create a healthier, happier, more empowered you!  I look forward to assisting you on your journey of transformation."















Thank you so much for your help this summer.  I really feel that it made a difference in my outlook and especially my feelings of new confidence when riding.  Even my trainer noticed a difference in my "teamwork" with my horse.  I hope to do some local competitons next season, thanks to you!  I also love the recorded session and have been listening to it before sleep whenever I'm feeling a little stressed.  Thank you Ruth.

Linda, Milford, CT

“Working with Ruth has helped me to release obstacles to success in my personal and professional life. The quality of my life has improved, and I enjoy greater peace and confidence as a result of our work together. Ruth’s first priority is the clients’ well being. I continue to enthusiastically recommend her to all who are ready to move forward on a path of positive growth. Thank you Ruth, for who you are and all you do.”

T.M., Glastonbury, CT

“On my journey to wellness, I discovered the wonderful healing power of hypnosis with Ruth Guedes. Hypnosis was the missing link that put the pieces together. Acknowledging and reframing the past allowed me to be more open to accept a healthier future. Within a few sessions my blood pressure dropped enough to reduce my medications to once a day with my doctor’s guidance. Ruth’s gift of listening and targeting the underlying problem is done with great compassion, experience, and professionalism. I am eternally grateful for this experience.”

A.C., Ansonia, CT

“Ruth and I have worked on personal issues from my early childhood through adulthood with great success. Her warmth, compassion and unique abilities helped me find closure with past difficulties and positive movement with present concerns.”

R.K., Hartford, CT

"I have lost weight and improved my relationships through the process of hypnosis with Ruth. That’s empowering. I have at times come to her stressed and upset, and by the time I left her, I have been relaxed and refreshed. She is experienced enough to know just how to approach each client to bring out the best in them and to change their behavior patterns so they can continue with what she started. Trust me, it works! I would recommend anyone with any sort of behavior they wish to change to come visit Ruth.

D.B., Milford, CT

“What a pleasant surprise to find that work I did a year ago with Ruth has lasting, positive effects on my life. I hadn’t realized how much the negative self talk was controlling my actions (or lack of them!) until the background noise got quiet. Now I am no longer stuck in a prison of self doubt, but instead am sure of myself and ability to create success in all areas of my life. This year, since working with Ruth, I have gone back to college, back to the gym, and on to creating the life I deserve. Thank you Ruth, for helping me do what so many years of therapy could not.”

L.R. Naugatuck, CT